Bamboo Dining



Looking for some eco Alternatives to the kitchen, we have lots of fun but functionally and versatile kitchenware and cleaning.

The original biodegradable tableware collection, Zuperzozial is not only Zuper stylish, but also kind to the environment too.

Based on bamboo-fibre and corn starch. Reinforced and shaped with a melamine resin for durability, the collection is dishwasher safe and meets all EU & US food regulations.

Zuperzozial uses the maximum amount of plant fibres (between 70-80%) currently available in manufacturing techniques – without losing functionality.

Biodegradable once buried after 24-36 months.

Black bamboo pasta bowl/plate – D22.5 x H4.5cm = £9
Black bamboo Mega pasta bowl/plate – H7cm x D32cm = £22
Purple bamboo salad/fruit bowl – D24 x H11cm = £12
Grey Dimple Bowl 15cm diameter – D26.5cm x H12cm =£6.95

Fab for Friday night film night and sharing with friends
Cream bamboo chip & dip – L39.5cm x W25.5cm x H6cm = £12

Indoor or outdoor entertaining
Bamboo patterned plates – D20 x H1.5cm = £6.50
Bamboo patterned cups – D8 x H10.5cm= £5

We have further bamboo ranges for the kitchen, for Kids and for when you are out and about!

Weight 1 kg

Black bamboo pasta bowl/plate, Black bamboo Mega pasta bowl/plate, Purple bamboo bowl, Grey bamboo bowl, Grey Dimple Bowl, Cream bamboo chip & dip, Bamboo patterned plates – style – A, Bamboo patterned cups – style – A, Bamboo Tray, Bamboo patterned plates – style – B, Bamboo patterned cups – style – B


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