Bamboo Measuring Spoons


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Bamboo Measuring Spoons

This set of four bamboo measuring spoons is a must-have in any bakers cupboard.

A handy everyday reusable, bringing planet-friendly materials to the joy of baking and cooking.

This item has been hand-polished and crafted from natural bamboo which may cause subtle variations in the colour and engraving, making each one beautifully unique.

Plastic free ✓ Sustainable ✓

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We think Bamboo is fab, find out more why here

  1. Renewable resource. Depending on the species, bamboo can be harvested in one to five years. Hardwoods like oak take at least forty years to mature before they can be harvested. Almost 1 million acres of forests are lost each week worldwide to deforestation. Bamboo’s versatility as a substitute for hardwoods offers a chance to drastically reduce that figure and protect the forests that we have left.
  2. Absorbs greenhouse gases. Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than an equivalent stand of hardwood trees.
  3. Amazing growth rate. Some species of bamboo grow more than three feet each day! No plant on the planet features a faster growth rate. When it is harvested, it will grow a new shoot from its extensive root system with no need for additional planting or cultivation.
  4. Very little waste. After harvesting, virtually every part of the plant is used to make a wide variety of products. From soil-enriching mulch to beautiful furniture to chopsticks, every part of the plant can be utilized.
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Dimensions 11 × 5 × 6 cm


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