Hyacinth Napkin Ring


A fun addition to the Conscious Living collection, this napkin ring is made with 100% water hyacinth and is accented with brown.

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Hyacinth Napkin Ring

This set of two Water Hyacinth Napkin Ring will look wonderful in your kitchen. this napkin ring is made with 100% water hyacinth


Read more about the benefits of hyacinth as a textile here

Water hyacinth is a free-floating perennial plant that can grow to a height of 3feet. It has striking light blue to violet flowers located on a terminal spike.

Water hyacinth is a very aggressive invader and can form thick mats. If these matsc over the entire surface of the pond they can cause oxygen depletions and fishkills. Water hyacinths have to be controlled so they do not cover the entire pond. The positive qualities of water hyacinth are it is abundantly available, it grows readily without any need for sowing, weeding or fertilising, it does not require any landspace. It costs nothing and to harvest it is an act of doing an environmental favour. Water hyacinth plant grows vigorously and abundantly to produce a large biomass. Has leaves rich in protein, being as valuable as that in potatoes or clover. The plant has a fibrous stem, and a high potassium concentration. Water Hyacinth is actually edible, not only for animals but for people too. Stalks and leaves are added in soups in Thailand. It has tough, fibrous roots that purify water, by absorbing the nitrogen and phosphorus on which it thrives, and also many other substances that pollute fresh water, including minerals. It absorbs toxic chemicals such as lead, mercury and strontium 90 in concentrations 10,000 times that in the surrounding water.

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Dimensions 4 × 5 × 5 cm


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