Percheno – Jewellery – Gold Plated ‘Reversible’ Designs


Percheno – Jewellery – Gold Plated ‘Reversible’ Designs

All Handmade in Italy by Silvia

Using Japanese paper & eye catching stylish pattern work, these beautiful pieces are designed so you can swap them around, allowing you to change the colour o f the pattern to compliment your outfit.

Designs are OV4, OV2 and T4 are 3 pairs of earrings in one set – mix and match as you desire

The beautiful necklace piece can be worn several lengths & ways also with a double sided feature disc

Brass base & gold plated

Gold not your colour check our our Sterling silver here

“The contemporary jewel it is a place where they manifest themselves in complete freedom individual expressions: those of the creator and those of the wearer"
Weight 0.700 kg

Bracelet, Disc Earrings blue/green, Disc Earrings red/yellow, Super Long Rectangle, Oblong Reversible, Ring, Arch shaped, Pebble ring, Oval loop OV4, Oval stud OV4, Arch peacock OV2, Large double loop necklace, Long peacock loop T4, Brooch necklace


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