Ladies Cosy Care Hamper – A


Cosy cuff socks, scented candle, handmade soap, car defuser & aromatherapy oil, nail file, East of India pebble keepsake, Wallaroo organic dried fruit snack

Ladies Cosy Care Hamper – A. Our boxes are filled to the brim with goodies- we don’t fill it with unnecessary padding, just full of our lovely products.

(NB: colours and/or scents will vary)

Ladies Cosy Care Hamper – A

  • Cosy cuff socks – Our best seller
  • Scented candle – Copper House – Handmade in Herefordshire – (info here) – V – UK
  • Handmade soap bar – Mad About Nature – (info here) – V – CF – UK
  • Our Unique clip on car diffuser and aromatherapy oil
  • Nail file
  • East of India Pebble keepsake
  • Wallaroo – Organic dried fruit snack – sustainable packaging – GF – V – UK

GF = Gluten Free

V = Vegan

CF – Cruelty Free

UK – Made in the UK

Why nice smells are important

There are two steps to making your home smell nice. The first is to eradicate bad odours; there is no point in just covering up unwanted smells with artificial ones.  It may seem obvious but start by keeping your home clean. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to remove microparticles from your carpets and soft furnishings, and also ventilate your home by opening all windows at least once a week. If bad scents are coming from drains, vents, electric outlets, or similar, get these investigated.

When faced with a bad smell in the home, many people’s first step is to light a candle. However, this can do more harm than good. ‘Despite their pleasant aromas, many scented candles contain toxins, particularly paraffin, which are damaging to our health, especially if you suffer from respiratory issues such as asthma,’ says Sue Caldwell, from Clean Living International. Instead, opt for natural candles made from soy wax and essential oils.

‘Sense of smell is part of the limbic system which processes emotion, supports memory formation, and is strongly linked to your emotional well-being. Read product labels and look for naturally derived scents and cotton wicks in non-paraffin candles to keep your home toxins to a minimum,’ advises Kristin Bartone owned owner and principal designer at Bartone Interiors.

Weight 1 kg


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