Matches in a bottle


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Matches in a bottle

A simple but very useful gift, looks great on the sideboard, or fireplace

The Matches in a bottle have a strike patch on the bottom

Zero packaging waste

Looking to add this to with other gifts, our handmade Copperhosue candles are the ticket!

We all love a cosy fire, its the making of Xmas, find out some handy tips of how to keep yours going strong here

Nothing but a fire can conjure up a sense of comfort and warmth in the depths of winter and bring a well-needed boost of hygge to our lives. The flickering light, the unique quality of heat, the crackle of the flames and the fragrant smoke in the air appeal to our primeval souls.

Quite apart from the romance of a wood fire at this time of year, there are good environmental and economic reasons for returning to this most ancient of technologies. Wood is renewable energy at its very simplest. As trees grow, they harness the sun to turn carbon dioxide and water into timber. Burning this later merely sets them free for use by a new sapling. The cycle of capture and release is never-ending: a log is the ultimate rechargeable solar battery.

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Dimensions 12 × 5 × 5 cm


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