Reserved for the Dog cushion


Cuddly pet cushion. Perfect as a gift or for your own furry friend.

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Reserved for the Dog cushion

Homeware made personal.

This charming cushion reads ‘reserved for dog’ and should be placed on their favourite seating spot.

Complete with black piping details to create a timeless aesthetic fit for any home or living space.

Don’t forget one for the cat too

Britain is known for being huge pet lovers, find why its so good for you here

With almost no effort at all, pets manage to bring so much joy into our lives. They make us laugh, comfort us when we’re sick or upset, and are always there for us no matter what. It’s no wonder that an estimated 12 million British households choose to keep a pet.

Not everyone understands the bond between human and beast, though, or even realises how much pets do for their owners. We take a look at ten of the benefits of having a furry friend.

Modern life is stressful and high levels of anxiety can lead to numerous health problems. Luckily, pets can really help us relax – stroking your cat or simply watching fish swim around in a tank can make your worries melt away. Previous studies have proven that pet owners tend to have lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels than people who don’t own a pet. That means having a furry pal can decrease the chances of suffering a heart attack later in life.

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Dimensions 46 × 26 × 10 cm


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