Squelch Wellies


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Squelch Wellies

These UK designed wellies are a must – the clear wellies, allow the wear to change the colour/look by picking different socks.

All come in a handy reusable storage bag.

Sizes from EU22 (UK 5.5) – EU32 (UK 1 junior) 

Select your Squelch Wellies size then head here to choose your socks

Fun to have in puddles

The wet weather does not always inspire us to get out and enjoy the outdoors. But there is something that can only be found during or after rain that can provide a wealth of pleasure. The humble puddle.

Sometimes big, sometimes small. Sometimes deep, sometimes barely there. Granted, finding yourself in a puddle when you are wearing inappropriate footwear, or finding a puddle coming up to meet you as someone else drives through it next to you is not always pleasant. But, and it is a big but, if you have the right footwear and clothing there can be nothing more sensational than a glorious puddle that is yours to displace!

Taking a run up with a buggy or a wheelchair and whizzing through a puddle making waves like a speeding ship is an opportunity not to be missed. Taking a big two footed leap straight into the middle of a puddle brings the biggest of smiles to your face, it is joyous!

In the UK we have a lot of wet weather and rather than it preventing us getting out we just need to find ways to embrace it. Wellington boots, waterproof trousers – over the wellies not tucked in! And a good waterproof coat, if you are really making a splash you need to be protected top to toe!

Weight 0.700 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 10 cm

EU22 (UK 5), EU23 (UK 6), EU24 (UK 7), EU25 (UK 7.5), EU26 (UK 8.5), EU27 (UK 9.5), EU28 (UK 10), EU29 (UK 11), EU30 (UK 11.5), EU31 (UK 13), EU32 (UK 1 junior)


Sparkle, Clear


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