Rolla Sole – Shoes


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Rolla Sole – Shoes

These amazing handy of Rollasole are sophisticated, sassy and beautifully crafted.

Keep them in your clutch when your heels start to pinch you to give you ultimate comfort and catwalk charm.

– Every pair comes with a high heel carry bag
– All deluxe pairs can be folded but can also be worn for everyday use
– All Deluxe styles with a heel will include a free heel pad to customise your perfect fit

Styles: Gold, Silver, Red, Cream, La Femme-black, Dog tooth, Leopard print, Midnight blue – Tassel

Sizes come in Small 3-4, Large 7-8 & X large 9-10 – see photo for more size

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Small, Medium, Large, XL


Gold, Silver, Red, Cream, La Femme, Dog Tooth, Blue Moon, Leopard Print, Midnight Blue (with tassel)


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