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We are super keen to offer refillable products @ Coo Corner.  We aren’t selling these online but if you are coming to the store, don’t forget to check out our refillable ranges. They are all UK businesses and offer an alternative to harsh chemical cleaning, either for the home or for your skin.all

Bramley Products

Fill Refill Co


Mad About Nature

Bramley Products

Bramley Products are made in the UK and full of natural goodness.  They smell divine!! And don’t cost the planet.  You will feel you are staying in a boutique hotel every time you use them.

In their own words:-

“We are a British company and the Bramley range is manufactured in the British countryside, which was the source of the inspiration behind the brand. Bramley products do not contain harmful or unethical ingredients such as petrochemicals, sulphates, artificial colurs, artificial fragrances, parabens, microbeads, silicones, propylene glycol or phthalates.  Skin kind and cruelty free with no nasty chemicals, we are committed to finding natural ingredients and sourcing our oils carefully to help you feel relaxed and restored.”

Their packaging is sugar cane and not plastic and as always we are encouraging reuse by offering refills.

In store we offer 250ml, 100ml, 50ml ranges in the following products, each with its own essential oil flower mix:

Body wash, Exfoliating body scrub, Bubble bath, Body lotion, Hand wash & Hand cream 

These can be topped up when your bottle is empty and save your self some pennies,  just by popping into the shop.

You can also buy these online, please look at our pamper hampers or you can mix & match and build your own hamper of these products.



Fill Refill Co


Fill is a range of refillable eco laundry and household cleaning products that look cool, work great and reduce packaging waste. We also stock there beauty range too.

Supplied in 500ml or 1ltr screen -printed glass bottles and jars. Our refill containers are picked up and filled for a zero waste closed loop solution.


We currently stock: Laundry liquid, Fabric conditioner, All purpose spray, Toilet cleaner, Rinse aid, Wash up, Hand wash, Body wash, Hair wash and Hair conditioner 

Fill is a Family-run factory in Northamptonshire, with real chemists combining biodegradable ingredients to create simple, modern and effective eco cleaning and laundry products.  No dyes, no harsh chemicals, no single use plastic bottles – less waste!

Fill is for everyone who’s interested in a better way to clean. We set out to create the type of straightforward eco products that we wanted to use, in glass bottles so they won’t get thrown away.

Fill products are designed to conform to eco product regulations.

We do not use SLS (sodium Lauryl Sulfate) in any of the Fill products. We include SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulphate) in Fill hand soap and Fill wash up formulations as a mild coconut based cleanser for removal of particulate soils.

Fill Clean Repeat

@ Coo corner we are offering the following scented ranges for you to refill in store:

  • Toilet cleaner
  • Laundry liquid
  • Fabric conditioner
  • Washing up liquid
  • Rinse aid
  • All purpose cleaner
  • Hand Wash
  • Hair Wash
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Body Wash


Ditch the plastic bottles and come refill with us!

Mad About Nature

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 19.33.08

Hand made Soap

We are in love with this hard soap range wrapped in the Coo Corner packaging. 

These soaps are handmade by another small UK family business based in Leicestershire. Their soaps and shampoo bars are made using the traditional cold processed method which retains all the goodness and the natural moisturiser – glycerine. Most commercial soaps have this lovely ingredient taken out which is why soap can be very drying on the skin.

 Our handmade soaps have no artificial ingredients and no unnecessary chemicals added to produce colour, fragrances, texture or added preservatives. We use fresh and natural ingredients such as pure essential oils, dried herbs and flowers, and a variety of specialty oils such as cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil and lots more.

 We DO NOT use PALM OIL, SLS, EDTA, PARABENS or any other nasty chemicals in our soaps. They are also suitable for vegetarians & vegans (except soaps that contain bee products & goat’s milk). We are strongly opposed to animal testing or harming animals in any way. All of our soaps have been safety tested and comply with current EU legislation and regulations.

What we particularly love about this range is they operate a no waste policy, and so they sell the off cuts of the soap making products. These we sell in a handy exfoliation bag, which is great for the skin!

Find the ranges here 


Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 17.16.26

And finally something for the men!

At Norse we make naturally great grooming products for the bearded, smooth-faced and mustachioed men of the world.

Norse oils, waxes and salves are handmade in Kingston-upon-Thames with natural ingredients. No fake news here. They’re packed with essential oils that all do important jobs, like promoting healthy circulation, smelling great, and keeping bacteria off your beard hair, because eeeew!

We offer recycled shaving brushes and a full range of these male grooming soap products, which make fantastic gifts.

Plastic free, Vegan, natural, parabens free.

Find the full range


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