Circular Storage Baskets with Pom-poms

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Storage basket.

Circular Storage Baskets with Pom-poms

Can be used for all sorts of storage solutions

Great for kids bedrooms, toy rooms, home toilets  like the loo roll!

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40cm diameter & 16cm high (grey)

40cm & 12cm high (colourful)

Some fun ways to store things here

Circular Storage Baskets with Pom-poms

Clear Clutter in Less Than an Hour with These Quick Organizing Tips

When you’re short on time (or guests are already on the way), it’s important to clear out clutter as quickly and efficiently as possible. These time-saving tips will help you get organized in under an hour. Banish clutter and restore order in record time with our quick organizing tips.

Decluttering and organizing don’t have to happen all at once. For last-minute cleanup, use baskets or laundry bins to quickly gather clutter. If guests are arriving soon, stash the baskets somewhere out of sight (or at least out of the way), and plan to put the items away later.

Bathroom storage can quickly become an overwhelming mishmash of oddly sized items. Conquer the clutter by gathering bath products and grooming essentials into an uncovered, easily accessible containers. Group items either by function (like soaps and cleaning supplies) or by person, and label the bins or baskets appropriately.

Weight 0.61 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 15 cm

cream & coloured, White & Grey


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