Dreamfarm Big Fledge


Fledge Bamboo is a double-sided, non-slip cutting board with flip up edges.

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Dreamfarm Big Fledge

Fledge Bamboo has flexible edges that flip up to turn it into a tray and stop food falling off the sides, which makes it perfect for transporting food or serving. Fledge Bamboo’s carving side has a generous juice groove for catching drips when cutting meat and other juicy foods.

Dreamfarm Big Fledge is Dishwasher safe.

Fledge Bamboo is made from sustainable sources and was specially designed to not warp or crack in the dishwasher. Constructed from a unique 3 layer cross-ply lamination, the over-moulded flip up edge also seals the ends of the bamboo fibres. This prevents the fibres from swelling in water which leads other wooden boards to crack.

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