Sock monkey laundry bag


Hangable hamper – stuff me with your dirty clothes

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Sock monkey laundry bag

Huggable Sock Monkey Laundry Bag.

    Huggable monkey for holding your laundry
    Hang anywhere from his velcro hands
    Zip close mouth to contain evil odours!
    Made from unbleached cotton canvas

Don’t be a messy monkey. Pick your socks and clothes up off the floor and stuff them into a Monkey Laundry Bag. Hide your dirty laundry from view at home, or on holiday keep your dirty socks separate in your travel bag. Velcro hands allow Sock Monkey to hang anywhere. Zip close mouth contains evil odours. A huggable and hangable laundry hamper that’s a great gift for messy kids and messy grown-ups. Made from tough unbleached cotton canvas.

Designed and made by Suck UK

230 x 890 x 100mm | 0.3Kg

Need some socks we have plenty!

Making it fun while you tidy up


Make sure everything has a place

Making sure that everything in your house has a place will help hugely when it comes to your kids staying tidy. If they know exactly what lives where, then when they use something they’ll be more inclined to return the item to its ‘home.’ When items just live in piles or don’t have a specific place then it’s easy for clutter to build and can confuse your child as they don’t know where to put away things once they’ve used them.

Teach them how to care for their belongings

Teaching your kids to care for their own things is going to help them be more respectful towards them. This means notions of putting things away after using them will become second nature- meaning no more mess!

Weight 0.417 kg
Dimensions 20 × 13 × 13 cm



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