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Unique and beautiful notebook.

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A beautifully bound, blank sheet notebook for the curiously, all knowing, meticulously organised teenager!

Of courseas it blank sheets it great as a sketch book for that budding artist!

This a perfect notebook for journalling, read about the benefits of encouraging your YA to write it down here


Journaling is not a new concept. The first diaries of an introspective nature were written by ladies of the royal Japanese court in the 10th century. Since the 1960’s, the benefits of journaling have been continually researched and it’s now a recognised powerful tool that people use in everyday life.

Journaling has a multitude of purposes and mental health benefits: including:

• Identifying and tracking short and long-term goals / action planning.
• Personal development: envisioning and developing your future self.
• Reflecting on daily experiences and relationships.
• Understanding your personal values.
• Improves self-awareness.
• Helps relaxation.
• Healthy way to process thoughts, especially for children and young people who struggle to talk about their feelings.
• Tracks worries or problems so patterns and triggers can be identified.
• Can help reduce stress and improve mood.
• Helps to identify and address negative thoughts and behaviours.
• Helps to build a habit of positive self-talk, acceptance and self-love.
• It is a method of self-care.

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