3D Cookie Cutter

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3D Cookie Cutter

Cookie cutter that helps you bake 3D dinosaur shape.

Pack includes a body and front/back leg shapes.

Bake the body parts then slot them together to create the tastiest treats this side of post-meteorite-strike mass extinction.

What to carry them in either a eco friendly sandwich holder or a super fun lunch bag

Designed and made by Suck UK

The key thing with any shaped cookies is to make sure you have a the right recipe, try this one by Nigella

It’s not hard to make biscuits that hold their shape well while cooking; it’s not hard to make biscuits that taste good and have a melting, buttery texture: what’s hard is to find a biscuit that does all of these things together. This one does it all, and with ease.

Like all doughs, it freezes well, so it makes sense — in a smug, domestic kind of a way — to wrap half of this in clingfilm and stash it in the deep freeze until next needed. It’s hard to specify exactly how much icing you’ll need, but you might end up using more than specified below if you’re using a lot of different colours.

As my children grew up, I always cut out the newly acquired age of each child on his or her birthday. My children couldn’t have contemplated a birthday party without them, and nor could I. Since then, I have found them deliciously invaluable to say and celebrate anything I’ve needed them to. Truly, an indispensable recipe.


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