Pet Hair Remover


Lightweight, portable and sustainable bamboo. The must-have accessory for pet owners.

Pet Hair Remover

Keep finding pet hair all over you and your furniture? We’ve been there…

So, we designed these Pet Hair Remover to make cleaning up your pet’s hair simpler than ever.

Oh, and it never runs out!

Pet Hair Remover is made from premium sustainable bamboo and durable metal, this sustainable lint roller alternative will keep your furniture, carpets and clothes, free from pet hair in just a few simple strokes.

Watch as the hairs lift off like magic, leaving your surfaces as well-groomed as your pet.

Why Bamboo?

You probably already know it’s the fastest growing plant in the world (a whopping 15cm per DAY!), but perhaps you didn’t know it can be grown in almost any climate. You can grow a lot of bamboo in a relatively small space, and it’s much more productive than other plants, plus it doesn’t need pesticides or chemical fertilizers, amongst its many benefits, so now you start to see why it puts less pressure on our planet.

Just time for one last fascinating fact: Bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide than a tree, and produces 35% more oxygen!

Beautiful bamboo – it truly is amazing stuff and we love it.

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Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 1.5 cm

Cat, Dog


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