Light weight Scarves

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Light weight scarves

Super soft summer scarf

200cm x 100cm

100% polyester

Match up with some fun matchy matchy family socks 

Check out some fun new ways to wear a scarf

Along with puffer coats and chunky knit sweaters, scarves are an essential part of any winter wardrobe. Aside from providing warmth, this accessory is often our outfit’s missing piece, adding interest, color, or even a fun print. However, there are numerous solutions for how to tie a scarf, and each twist or knot has the ability to instantly boost any look.

a Bit of history! The origins of the scarf trickle back to Ancient Egypt, precisely to Queen Nefertiti, who was believed to have worn a woven wrapped scarf under an extravagant jewelled headpiece. Whilst scarves are more often than not associated with the female wardrobe nowadays, they have been worn by men and women for many centuries. In Ancient Rome, men wore them as ‘sweat cloths’ used to keep cool and dry sweat.

In the Far East, scarves were worn by military personnel to show rank. Scarves with numerous designs, worn in various ways can be viewed on the terracotta army soldiers, which were buried away more than 200 years BC. It is even said that on his return from Egypt, Napoleon Bonaparte gifted his wife Josephine be Beauharnais a pashmina scarf. Whilst she was cynical at first about this exotic gift, she is noted to have collected over 400 scarfs over the next 3 years adding up to a total of around £80,000.

It is easy to believe that the scarf was an overnight success, however the evolution of the scarf from a plain practical accessory to a trendy must wear item most definitely did not happen overnight.

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Dimensions 12 × 30 × 2 cm

bee, dandelions, abstract green


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