Stove Apron


Stove Apron is presented in a beautiful box

Our Stove apron is a really smart option for the kitchen and a perfect gift for cooking enthusiasts or those who like to take control of the BBQ!

They have leather straps, which cross over at the back and are fixed to the fabric with chrome clips. These can be adjusted to fit all sizes!

Handy pockets to stuff that tea towel in or the odd ber too!

The Stove apron comes in either denim blue and green canvas and provided complete with presentation box.

L90cm x W65cm

Add in the best BBQ tools he will love 

Grab some inspirational BBQ tips for Jamie oliver 

Get the right barbecue

“It may sound basic but there are two crucial things your burner needs if you want to make great barbecue food. The first thing is, it has to be a charcoal one. There’s nothing wrong with gas barbecues, but you won’t get any extra smoky flavour. You might as well be cooking in the oven, flavour-wise! The second thing you need is a lid. It locks in flavour, keeps the temperature constant and can be used as an extra technique.”

Use the right fuel

In the UK, charcoal is usually bought in a rush from a petrol station car park as soon as the sun peeks its head around a cloud. But being prepared can make a huge difference, because the charcoal you use changes the way your food tastes. Our main man DJ BBQ, author of Food Tube’s BBQ Book, recommends lumpwood charcoal – the stuff that looks like burnt tree – because it will give the best flavour. It’s unadulterated and natural.

If you’re a bit of a pro, try adding wood chips to your charcoal. Hickory and oak are great with fish and pork, while cherry and apple wood add a sweetness to most meats. Just soak half what you’ll use in water to make it last, then add it all once lit.

Wait for the right moment to cook

Barbecuing takes patience and concentration, in that order. You need to wait for the flames to die down – flame-grilled is a very misleading term! You want the coals white hot – by which I mean grey and glowing. That’s the hottest and evenest heat.

Get the temperature bang on

Following on from that, don’t forget that what you have created is a caveman oven, so you need to control the heat just like an oven. DJ BBQ says the best way to test the heat is with your hand. Hold your hand about 12cm/5inches above the grill and see how long you can hold it there comfortably (ie. without screaming).

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 17 cm

Canvas green, Denim blue


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